Affiliated to University of Mumbai


At Smt.Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce provides all infrastructures which are required for the teaching and learning process.



  Sr.No. Smt. Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce and Science Designation
  Teaching Staff Details
  Sr.No. Name of Staff Members Designation Department
  1 Dr. Amee Oza Vice Principal Science
  2 Ms. Seema Bhatnagar Asst. Professor Science
  3 Ms. Ratna Yadav Asst. Professor Science
  4 Ms.Shrikant S. Shinde Asst. Professor Science
  5 Ms.Bhavna Agrawal Asst. Professor Science
  6 Ms.Ashwina Patel Asst. Professor Science
  7 Ms. Ketaki Kothari Asst. Professor Science
  8 Ms. Mittal Patel Asst. Professor Science
  9 Ms. Priyani Patel Asst. Professor Computer Science
  10 Ms.Poonam A. Pawar Asst. Professor Mathematics Science
  11 Ms. Shobhna Dangwar Head of the Department Commerce
  12 Mr. Atul D. Rathod Asst. Professor Commerce
  13 Ms. Hemali Patel Asst. Professor Commerce
  14 Ms.Kajol Bramhadande Asst. Professor Commerce
  15 Ms. Renuka A. Suryavanshi Asst. Professor Commerce