Affiliated to University of Mumbai


At Smt.Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce provides all infrastructures which are required for the teaching and learning process.



  Sr.No. Smt. Devkiba Mohansinhji Chauhan College of Commerce and Science Designation
  Teaching Staff Details
  Sr.No. Name of Staff Members Qualification Designation Department
  1 Dr. Ambadas S. Jadhav M.A, M.Phil, DPI & RS, Ph.D, Post Doc. VISP & NNRM Certificate course. Principal  
  2 Dr. Amee I Oze M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil & Ph.D Vice Principal Science(Chemistry)
  3 Ms. Shobhna Dangwar M.Com, B.Ed & N.E.T. Head of Commerce Department Commerce
  4 Ms. Seema Bhatnagar M.Sc, B.Ed & M.Phil Assistant Professor Science(Botany)
  5 Ms. Ratna Yadav M.Sc, B.Ed & M.Phil Assistant Professor Science(Zoology)
  6 Mr. Shrikant Shinde Sudam M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Physics)
  7 Ms. Bhavna Agrawal M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed & CTET Assistant Professor Science(Maths)
  8 Ms. Ketaki R. Kothari M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Zoology)
  9 Ms. Ashwina I. Patel M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Chemistry)
  10 Ms. Hemali Patel M.Com & M.Phil Assistant Professor Commerce
  11 Ms. Kajol M. Brahadande M.Com Assistant Professor Commerce
  12 Ms. Renuka Suryavanshi M.B.A. Assistant Professor Commerce
  13 Ms. Mital G. Patel M.Sc & B.Ed Assistant Professor Science(Chemistry)
  14 Mr. Jyotindra Jaripatke M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Physics)
  15 Ms. Nilam U. Yadav M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Botany)
  16 Mr. Tofiq Noorani MBA Assistant Professor Commerce
  17 Ms. Snehal M. Bhadgaonkar B.Ed, M.Sc Assistant Professor &
Academic Admin Head
  18 Ms. Nidhi Patel M.Tech., BE (CS) Assistant Professor Science(Computer Science)
  19 Ms. Tejal More MBA, B.Com Assistant Professor Commerce
  20 Ms. Maitary Mahto MBA, BCA Assistant Professor Commerce
  21 Mr. Vijay Rajput MBA, M.Com Assistant Professor Commerce
  22 Mr. Dipesh Patel MBA, M.Sc Assistant Professor Science(Maths)
  23 Ms. Madhuri Narkhede MCA, B.Sc (CS) Assistant Professor Science(Computer Science)
  24 Ms. Vidya Rao BE Computers Assistant Professor Science(Computer Science)
  25 Dr. Atul Babar M.Sc & P.hD Assistant Professor Science(Zoology)
  26 Mr. Atul Rathod MBA Assistant Professor Commerce

  (B) Administrative Staff:
  1 Mr. Vanrajsinh N. Solanki MBA (Marketing) Office Assistant Administrative
  2 Mr. Shiv Bhatt MBA & PGPGBM Office Assistant Administrative
  3 Ms. Yogita Bhosale M.Sc.(Computer), B.Ed. Office Assistant Administrative
  4 Ms. Gita Chaudhari SSC & HSC Lab Assistant Chemistry
  5 Ms. Girja Singh B.A. & M.A. Library Assistant Library
  6 Ms. Parul Mistry S.S.C (PASS) Lab Assistant Science(Physics)

  © Group D Staff:
  1 Ms. Bhavikaben S. Patel S.S.C (PASS) Peon Domestic
  2 Ms. Santosh Meena 8TH (PASS) Peon Domestic
  3 Mr. Mahendrabhai K. Patel - Peon Domestic
  4 Mr. Iftar H. Shaikh - Peon Domestic
  5 Ms. Rekhaben Prajapati - Peon Domestic
  6 Ms. Laxmi Pagi - Peon Domestic
  7 Ms. Sangita Harijan 8TH Sweeper Domestic
  8 Mr. Kiranbhai C. Harijan 6TH Sweeper Domestic